Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

Combat F.I.T. will quickly equip you with the practical personal protection skills needed to prevent, defuse, control or resolve any conflict. 

At Combat F.I.T you will train in real world environments: on gravel, dirt, in parking lots...all under the supervision of our chief instructor, having over 30 years of Military Combat Arts (and 19 years of Krav Maga) experience.

 Learn about Krav Maga, its unique psychological tactics and its effective physical techniques by signing up for the next foundations class. Our small group 6 week progressive courses are held at our satellite:

 Locations- Midtown XFT and Northside JCC.

Customized Private Training for:

Women's Groups


Mother and Daughter

Dad's and Kids

LGBT groups

Athletic Teams

Corporate Events

Vocational Schools

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Krav Maga for the Tucson Community

-6 week Courses

-Drop in Classes

-Private one to one

-Reality Based Environment

-Tactical Krav Maga Sessions

-Military-Academy Prep Training

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Training Programs click here.