Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

Join our CFC Instructional Group and Train with Combat F.I.T.

In person classes are still available during this plandemic. Masks-social distancing prohibited.

Combat F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Training) will quickly equip you with the practical personal protection skills needed to prevent, defuse, control and resolve any conflict. Learn about Krav Maga's unique conditioning methods while using effective physical techniques and psychological tactics.

At CFC (Combat Fitness and Conditioning) you will train in real world environments, simulated situations and stress inducing scenarios.....all under the supervision of our chief instructor, Bruce a Marine veteran, having over 30 years of Military Combat Arts and 20 years of Krav Maga experience.

Combat F.I.T.s Focus and CFC Specialization:

CLasses open to:
- Vetted Individuals
- Corporate Travelers
- Synagogue Congregants
- CBP Academy Candidates
- EMS and 2nd Responders

Krav Maga Personal Training
- Individual Coaching and Privates
- Knife attack avoidance & defense
- Gun Disarming and Use Seminars
- Carjacking Prevention Workshops
- Civil Unrest & Urban Survival

Family Safety Courses
- Violence awareness and deterrence
- Personal Protection Tactics
- Abduction Prevention and Escape
- Children's Bullying Avoidance
- Domestic Issues & Mental Abuse

Class Updates: Covid hype, Civil Unrest and Insurrection

As of: July 29, 2020

Classes have continued thru this Unconstitutional Lockdown.

That marxist occupying the mayoral office is just manipulating the power for a communist goal.

As a reminder:

'Marxism seeks to replace private ownership and capitialism. with a socialist approach.  Communism is the political ideology, totalitarian by nature, wherein the state: controls all means of production and private property. Economic resources are taken from the citizen with their subjugation being the communists objective.'

During these turbulent times, with the globalist fueled and george soros funded riots, we are training to protect our families and neighborhoods. With false covid fearmongering, unlawful mask mandates (for the truth click here),  white antifa anarchists and black lies marxists attempting to destroy our nation....we must understand that 'we' are the first line of defense. Join us and become a patriot protector.

Below are the updates:

Private Training Clients, we shall continue sessions at your predetermined locations.

Current P1-P6 students, our drop-in classes will continue at our covert training site.

New interested students,  join us during our September "foundations Intro class".

Pre-screening and registration is required. Contact our crew for details.

For the truth on these domestic terrorist groups and the Chinese virus click here.